NinjaInfluence x5 Revenue Has You Covered

NinjaInfluence, an all-in-one Influencer Marketing AI SaaS platform, provides an affordable yet powerful use of influencer marketing and is stepping up its game. 

As sales growth shifted across the eCommerce sphere, NinjaInfluence has adapted and challenged itself, providing a plan that will help brands increase their sales—introducing Ninja x5 (Ninja Platinum). 

The 5X Revenue plan does not limit you by the hour or the number of influencers but focuses on reaching your goals: increasing your sales and increasing your ROI, all while building new and recurring revenue streams. 

In addition to having the talent of an Influencer Marketing Strategist, you will also work with an Influencer Marketing Manager. They will create a strategy for your campaign, do the influencer research and vetting process, and determine the perfect influencers who can showcase your product or service to a new audience. In addition to taking care of the execution, the experienced team will take care of the reporting and analysis of each campaign stage and propose new angles to make the reach most effective. With Ninja x5, your campaigns will take off seamlessly with the best possible impact. 

NinjaInfluence also offers its NinjaGold package for eCommerce sellers a full hands-on use of its entire features to reach, manage and monetize any influencer marketing campaign for maximum scalability

About NinjaInfluence 

NinjaInfluence is an influencer marketing software that supports users in easily managing their strategies and communicating with influencers/creators. Following up on its predecessor, NinjaOutreach, provides access to over 120 million influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. 

In addition to its established search engine, NinjaInfluence offers a multitude of features such as eCommerce integration, full analytics dashboards, a smart search manager, an internal payment platform, a related profile recommendation engine, and a consolidated CRM-like workspace. 

Scalable and effective through its use of powerful big data technology, NinjaInfluence searches through millions of creators to intelligently identify qualified influencer leads and enables the launch of influencer campaigns with traceable ROI.

For more information or a free trial with NinjaInfluence, visit or book a demo with us here.