PLATINUM NINJA for Hammock Sky


Hammock Sky is a seller of the hammocks and hammock accessories. They are looking for influencers who are sharing recommendations about the items they purchased for their homes, home makeovers, DIY ideas and inspo.

Goal – to connect with the audience who is looking for high quality home products, collect high quality license-free UGC content, increase awareness and sales.

30 days results:

Research and Onboarding. Ninja Team connected with hundreds of home decor, interiors, and DIY influencers.

Agreements and Execution. Our team were able to reach agreements with 5 influencers, who agreed to create promotions, showing how Hammock Sky hammocks allowed them to create a relaxation oasis at their home. They already started posting promotions on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Results: Ninja team was able to reach the goal – have 5 agreements/month with influencers creating content for Hammock Sky and raising awareness for this brand.


  • Size. Working with nano and micro influencers, having 2K-100K followers.
  • Channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.
  • Engagement. Influencers having authentic engagement and strong connection with their followers.
  • Followers. Representing the brand’s target groups, the ones who could really benefit from the product promoted.
  • Content. Influencers creating high quality content, able to increase brand awareness and sales.


  • Type. Ninja Team manages Gifted and Paid campaigns for Hammock Sky.
  • Promotions. Influencers were provided content guidelines with examples of content and technical requirements; also, key messages, outlining the advantages of the Hammock Sky products.

  • Awareness. We tracked the impressions of each influencer’s promotion.
  • Sales. Influencers were sharing limited-time coupon codes to increase purchases.