DIAMOND NINJA for eCommerce brand

90 days results:

Research and Onboarding. Ninja Team connected with hundreds of influencers, hand-picked for the brand. For each influencer, Ninja checked if it’s the right fit in terms of: content, engagement and audience.

Agreements and Execution. Our team were able to reach agreements with 15 influencers, who signed contracts, prepared content and once the content was approved – started posting.
Results: Increased brand awareness, traffic to their website and most importantly – the sales. Sales hit recurring $4,000/month by day 90.


  • Size. Worked with micro influencers, having 10K-100K followers.
  • Channels: Instagram and YouTube.
  • Engagement. Influencers having authentic engagement and strong connection with their followers.
  • Followers. Representing the brand’s target groups, the ones who could really benefit from the product promoted.
  • Content. Influencers creating high quality content that connects with the brand’s image and posting regularly.


  • Type. Ninja Team combined both Gifted and Paid campaign types, combining various compensation mechanisms and affiliate opportunities.
  • Promotions. Influencers were provided content guidelines, emphasizing the campaign’s key messages, also, providing them with a mood board so they can get a a better feeling of the brand’s core messaging. Each influencer were encouraged to try out the product first to make sure they can really feel the benefits of it and then create an authentic, personalized content for their promotion. We encouraged influencers to share their unique angle on the promotion while still keeping the key messaging in mind.


  • Awareness. We tracked the impressions of each influencer’s promotion.
  • Website traffic. Tracked website visits, coming from each influencer’s unique link.
  • Sales. Influencers were sharing limited-time coupon codes to increase purchases.