Mosaiz is a seller of face paints, markers, stencils, and a variety of creative supplies. The brand is looking for partnerships with influencers who are into creative face painting, also crafty people and moms.

Goal – to have a team of content creators, creating UGC style content for the brand’s social media.

60 days results:

Research and Onboarding. Ninja Team connected with hundreds of creative make up, crafts and parenting influencers, hand-picked for the brand.

Agreements and Execution. Our team were able to reach agreements with 30 influencers, who agreed to create license-free content (images + videos). They are posting promotions on their Instagram profiles, sharing creative ideas on how to use Mosaiz products.

Results: Ninja team was able to reach the goal – have agreements with 30 influencers to become long-term content creators for the brand.


  • Size. Worked with nano and micro influencers, having 2K-30K followers.
  • Channels: Instagram.
  • Engagement. Influencers having authentic engagement and strong connection with their followers.
    Followers. Representing the brand’s target groups, the ones who could really benefit from the product promoted.
  • Content. Influencers creating high quality content, able to show the most creative ways of using Mosaiz products.


  • Type. Ninja Team manages Gifted campaign for Mosaiz - influencers receive products in exchange for content and brand promotion on their page.
  • Promotions. Influencers were provided content guidelines and key messages. Each influencer were encouraged to try out the product and come up with a creative idea: creative face painting, Halloween party for kids, crafts and more. The influencers were able to showcase different ideas on how the Mosaiz products can be used.


  • Agreements. As the main client’s goal was to gather a team of long-term content creators for their social media and marketing purposes, Ninja team was tracking the number of agreements made with influencers.
  • UGC. Each influencers was providing at least 5 pieces of content (3 images and 2 videos), at least 150 pieces of conent from the whole campaign to be produced.