Save time and liberate your mind by letting us help you find the right influencers, so your brand shines bright

Discover relevant influencers from over 120 million profiles with Ninja Influencer’s advanced AI algorithm that searches almost unlimited data to capture those perfect profile recommendations for your brand  


Influencers’ communication data, contracts, product tracking, creatives, notifications, e-Commerce discounts and performance reports – all in one platform.


You need real-time data in order to progress and grow, we took Ninja Influence to the next level by adding events tracking and all-around integrations so everything you need is just a click away.

Take control of your Influencer Marketing

Search, filter, perform outreach, run campaigns, track live sales and social engagement all from within our platform


Pay your influencers directly with Ninja Influence

Campaign Management

Leverage your influencers across an agile pipeline and see KPI performance in real-time on the dashboard

Grow your brand, increase sales

Track your sales and see brand engagement across social engagement results tabulated into real-time statistics

All the features you need are just a few clicks away

Search, filter, outreach, run campaigns, track sales, social engagement and even pay Influencers all from within our platform


Pay your Influencer directly via card, PayPal or with Wallets and the option to use Crypto

Influencer Marketing

Authentic, trusted and real marketing from real people who embody the spirit of your brand allows you to increase awareness and amplify sales


Manage your Influencers, campaigns and results from a comprehensive pipeline with real-time statistics


Track real-time e-Commerce sales and social engagement


All you need is packaged into an easy-to-use, agile interface powered by AI keeping you ahead of the competition


Have the ability to quickly see what's going on and oversee the process

Works with any business sphere

No matter who you are from a brand looking to launch, an existing company looking to boost sales or tired of traditional marketing not producing results you need to be able to connect with your audience, rise about the completion and supercharge your sales revenue. Let us help you do this, learn how Ninja Influence can bring added value and save you time 2 more


Make your brand shine and reach a global audience who connects with your products or service


Need to manage your brand but don't have the bandwidth or are tired of using google sheets and manual searching? Bring it full circle with a CRM that does it all


Want to boost sales, track results and be disruptive? There is no better way than Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Manage your affiliates and provide a platform for your Influencers to be managed and paid

Influencers from every niche

In today’s environment, influencer marketing happens across different verticles. From an investment company promoting clean energy, a safer brand of tuna, a better alternative to commercial dental products to barber and hair saloon products trusted by real people. Authentic and real experiences that are trusted and create a following of loyal consumers

Let our clients tell you more

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“The Biggest Selling Point Of This Software For Me Is How Much Time You’re Going To Save Using It To Do Blogger Outreach”

Fabrizio Van Marciano

Magnet4Blogging Media

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Wilson Tiong

One Tribe Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

Account creation

You can sign up for a free trial from our website in less than 60 seconds. During the trial, you will be able to see the full value of pain points eliminated by Ninja Influence or get signed up directly to get started with our managed services and let us do the heavy lifting

By the end of the trial, your inserted payment method will be charged unless you cancel your subscription from your account settings. An email reminder will also be sent to you.

Under each pricing plan, there is a number of teats available defined per team.

From the settings area, users with manager permission can send invitations to other team members( by email) according to the number of seats available.

Campaign creation

First, you can start by signing up for a free trial here

Or you can book a demo with us

Once the pricing plan is chosen, you can start inviting team members.

Start searching for the right Influencers by filtering and matching, then add them to a campaign.

The campaign contains within it all the influencers you collected. from the campaign itself, you can manage all communication with influencers and track success: by tracking revenue (using your e-commerce platform integration and coupon tracking) and tracking social method activity (tracking URL posts).

You can create as many campaigns as you wish within the subscription.

Instagram, YouTube and TiKTok

Managing influence

With over 20+ filters you are able to find the influences who best fit your brand to promote your product or services 

A niche feature we have along with the ability to check an Influencers followers is related profiles which suggest more Influencers that are right for you.


There are 2 options to perform that action- 1 is from the campaigns page- once you are in the pipeline, you can press each influencer you like to outreach and send a message. you can also change the status of the progress within the pipeline.

The second way is to communicate from the workspace page with the ability to send personalized bulk emails.

You can add them by selecting them in the search results or on the profile with 1 click.

Managing influencers

First, connect your e-commerce platform under settings or our CSM team will connect for you.

Then under workspace or under the campaigns page, you will be able to pick your e-commerce coupons and add them to the campaign. once set up all purchases made under this coupon will be tracked.

You can also track social media posts’ success by copying the post URL link and adding it to the campaign from the campaigns page or workspace page to the relevant influencer.

Information will be tracked under the campaign dashboard.

The campaign contains within it all the Influencers you collected. From the campaign itself, you can manage all communication with influencers and track success: by tracking revenue (using your e-commerce platform integration and coupon tracking) and tracking social method activity (tracking URL posts).

On the campaign page, under “Dashboard” you have all the statistics needed for measuring success.







Big cartel

From email for outreach to the right social media outlet followed by how you pay your influences we provide full access just a few clicks away