How do I track eCommerce sales?

First, connect your e-commerce platform under settings or our CSM team will connect for you. Then under workspace or under the campaigns page, you will be able to pick your e-commerce coupons and add them to the campaign. once set up all purchases made under this coupon will be tracked. ×

Where can I see social engagement?

You can also track social media posts’ success by copying the post URL link and adding it to the campaign from the campaigns page or workspace page to the relevant influencer. Information will be tracked under the campaign dashboard. ×

Can I track results for each campaign?

The campaign contains within it all the Influencers you collected. From the campaign itself, you can manage all communication with influencers and track success: by tracking revenue (using your e-commerce platform integration and coupon tracking) and tracking social method activity (tracking URL posts). On the campaign page, under “Dashboard” you have all the statistics needed… Continue reading Can I track results for each campaign?