Utama Spice – Link Building & Guest Post Influence Case Study

Interview With NinjaInfluence Clients, Ria Templer And Jon Jones Of Utama Spice

Utama Spice Is An All-Natural Beauty, Skincare, And Aromatherapy Products Company Based In Bali, Indonesia.

“I Personally Love NO And Don’t Know What I’d Do Without It!” – Ria Templer Of Utama Spice


Implemented A Faster, Automated System For Getting A Constant Trickle Of Guest Posting And Link Building Leads.

1. What Specific Goal Have You Achieved With NinjaInfluence?

We Were Able To Set Up And Maintain A Highly Effective, Results-Oriented And Long-Term Guest Posting, Sponsored Post And Link Building Campaign Using The NinjaInfluence Platform.

2. How Many Campaigns Did You Launch To Achieve This Goal? What Was Your Reply Rate? How Many Emails Did You Send And How Many Positive Responses Did You Get?

We Currently Have Seven Automatic Influence Campaigns Running.

We Have Completed Many Dozens Of These Automatic Influence Campaigns Over The Past Year.

We Achieved Our Goal Of Finding Quality Link Building Opportunities Very Rapidly. Within A Day Of The Campaigns Beginning, We Were Getting Feedback From Bloggers And Site Owners About Collaborations For Product Reviews, Giveaways And Sponsored Posts.

Our Reply Rate Was As Low As 2% But As High As 30% And Had A Rough Average Of 11% Reply Rate.

But With The Enormous Capabilities Of The NinjaInfluence Service, You Can Get Huge Results In A Short Time.

Virtually, Every Reply We Received Was Ready And Willing To Move Forward With A Link Arrangement, Whether For Free, In Return For Quality Content, Or For Payment In Cash Or Kind (Products).

You Only Need To Use A Tool Like Ahrefs To Evaluate Whether A Specific Website’s SEO And Traffic Metrics Are Qualified Or Worth Your While.

3. What Other Tools (If Any) Did You Use For This Campaign And Why?

I Use No Other Tools. Just My Gmail Suite For Business And NinjaInfluence. I Suppose Ahrefs Is A Nice Tool To Have In This Process As It Can Help You Weed Out The Chaff (Underqualified Websites).

4. How Did You Use NinjaInfluence?

I Used Both The Chrome Extension And The Native Search Function Within The NinjaInfluence SaaS To Find Leads Quickly Using Manual Methods.

It Was Not Until Later I Negotiated A Small, Special Additional Monthly Rate For The Nice People At NinjaInfluence To Help Me Compile Leads Lists Rapidly And Without My Spending A Lot Of Time And Effort.

I Now Get These Leads Lists Imported Into My Account Monthly. All I Do Is Set Up Automatic Email Campaigns, Set The System To Send A Trickle Of Emails Daily And That Leads To Daily Responses For Link Building!

5. What Influence Strategies Did You Find Worked Best? (Best Template, Best Approach, Best Schedule To Send Influence, Etc)

I Wrote Specific Templates For My Ecomm Companies, Such As “Looking To Do Sponsored Post, Guest Post Or Giveaway” In The Subject Of The Email.

Then, Basically Praising The Site Owner For Having A Wonderful Site And Saying How I Felt Their Readership May Likely Enjoy My Company’s’ Products.

Inevitably, This Leads To The Site Owner Coming Back With Their Interests And Terms.

I Would Only Send A Maximum Of 7 Emails A Day For Any One Campaign. I Had Also Simplified My Emails To Write “Dear Sir/Madame,” To Overcome Not Knowing Who, Or What Sex, Would Be Answering/Replying To My Influence. This Simplifies And Streamlines.

At First, I Wasn’t Sure It Would Work Well, But It Did Work Pretty Good In The End. And It’s An Ongoing Process Now.

6. What Problem Did NinjaInfluence Solve For You, Or How Was NinjaInfluence Specifically Able To Help With Your Campaign?

In The Past, I Could Only Do Influence At A Snail’s Pace.

Think About It, How Much Time You Need To Compile A List Of Prospects Manually. It Might Take 2 To 4 Hours To Get 20 Or 30 Leads! Who Has This Time?

With The Ability To Rapidly Compile Lead Lists Based On Specific Parameters, Such As Shares, Audience, Keywords And So On, You Can Scale Up Rapidly. If I Did Not Have NinjaInfluence, I’d Still Be In The Dark Ages With Respect To My Influence And Link Building.

7. Before NinjaInfluence, What Was Your Process For Prospecting And Launching Your Campaigns?

Before NinjaInfluence, I Would Just Blindly Google My Keywords And Sift Through Various Sites (News, Ecomm, And Blogs) To Find A Possible Lead I Could Email.

It Was Painstakingly Slow And Inefficient. I Can Honestly Say It Was Almost A Joke.

It Worked, But At A Pace That Is Not Realistic.

8. What Process Would You Say Was More Cost-Effective? Why?

In My Opinion, You Cannot Get A Higher Rank For More Keywords Quickly Without Building Backlinks. And NinjaInfluence Allows It To Happen Quickly And Efficiently.

I Could Not Recommend NinjaInfluence More Highly.